Sourcing & Sustainability

Our bra is completely manufactured from raw materials in Vancouver, which means that our sewers are paid a competitive wage above Vancouver’s livable wage rate.

Our fabrics come from suppliers in North America, with the majority coming from a Vancouver supplier. Our signature merlot colour is dyed using sublimation printing (heat transfer), which does not involve washing and steaming as in traditional dyeing, and therefore saves water. The dyes are also safe for human consumption and therefore are not harmful to the workers using them. The only waste from this printing method is the sublimation paper, which is recycled.

We also don’t have inventory waste that many companies struggle with. We never have to worry about making too many items, as we make each item on demand. On the rare occasion when a bra is returned, we salvage the materials.

The bra hardware does come from overseas while we continue to look for a local supplier. But, since they are very light, the shipping impact is minimal compared to the final product, which we ship locally.