photoshoot set for the perfect bra size

As passionate female entrepreneurs, we have always been determined to forge our own path. Tired of ill-fitting band and bust sizes and uncomfortable in-person fittings? We said goodbye to them and found a better way. Over the past 6 years, we've faced countless challenges and obstacles, but every time we hear "no," it only fuels us further.

After extensive research and development, including multiple rounds of design, sourcing, prototypes, and fittings, we are proud to offer the perfect all-day bra, launching in Summer 2023.

Founders of DOUBL custom fit bras

DOUBL represents the duality of womanhood, to be both strong and soft. We want you to embrace your individuality, both in body and spirit, with custom-fit bras that feel like a second skin, so that you can feel comfortable physically and mentally to be fully present in each moment of your unique and beautiful life.

Our journey with DOUBL continues to inspire us to dream big and strive for constant improvement, and we hope to do the same for you.

With love, Bryn & Jess