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Customer Reviews

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Bra bliss

The deep red merlot bra is a game-changer in lingerie. Its wide waistband provides excellent support for a heavy bust, making it comfortable for all-day wear. The bra’s sleek design and beautiful color add a touch of sophistication and sexiness, perfect under any outfit. The convenience of purchasing it through an app, using a simple scan and measurement submission, is a standout feature. Highly recommended for its blend of style, comfort, and convenience

love this product

Confidence, my mother told me comes from the inside out and that is especially true for garments. My DOUBL bra provides the support and comfort I love without worry about it riding up or shifting around. This means my outer garments fit as they should. The red fabric adds to that feeling of sassy. Thanks DOUBL.

Amazing Bra!!

20 years ago I was told
By a very wise Doctor to
NOT wear a bra as often as I could. The wires were restricting the blood flow to my breast and lymp nodes. Which he believes, is a factor in developing breast cancer. I have followed this advice. I am
Now in my 60’s and need to wear a bra. I received my DOUBL bra this week. I have been wearing it ever since. It is so comfortable, no wires, absolutely No restrictions! Yesterday I wore this beautiful Bra for 12 hours! I forgot I had it on. I have never worn a Bra that I forgot I had on before! I would totally recommend this Bra to others. It is wonderfully made, beautiful colour and the comfort is amazing! Thank You DOUBL for creating a Bra that is not only safe to wear it looks fantastic on me ❤️

This is the one!

This bra is the perfect example of investing in good quality garments that fit you well. The material is so soft and silky while being comfortable and supportive without the need of a wire. It’s my new favourite everyday bra.

Unbelievable Comfort & Fit!

I have owned many bras over my lifetime, but none has ever fit me this well or been this comfortable! There are no gaping or slipping parts to it, and the snug fit is supportive without being constricting. I I love the silky material and pretty merlot colour (which is surprisingly well concealed under most of my shirts). The scan was easy to do and obviously effective given the perfect fit of my bra. Can't wait to get the white & black bras!

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