Des soutiens-gorge aussi uniques que vous, pour des jours aussi uniques que les vôtres.

Enfin, le confort durable est là.

Custom Fit

made exactly to your measurements


measure yourself in 5 minutes from home


No underwire or molded foam cups

Our custom bra process is as easy as:

1. Place an order for your preferred colour

2. Scan yourself in our mobile app privately and securely

That's it! We will create a pattern exclusive to you, make your bra in our Canadian factory, and ship it directly to your door.

What you do next in the bra is up to you, but we can't wait to see what you accomplish. Share with us using #MyDOUBL.

A note on the scanning process: We know it can be uncomfortable for you to be assessed literally or figuratively. The great part about the DOUBL process is that there is no right or wrong answer, no right or wrong size. It's just you! Exactly as you are.

Want to try the scan before you buy?

You can scan yourself before purchasing a bra at the link below.

Fait pour toi

Chaque soutien-gorge est conçu selon vos mesures uniques pour vous ajuster parfaitement, plus de taille de bonnet et de bande.

Tout en ligne

Les mesures sont prises à l'aide d'une application de mesure 3D directement sur votre téléphone, sans capture d'images, vous n'avez donc pas à quitter le confort de votre maison pour obtenir un nouveau soutien-gorge.

Cousu localement

Votre soutien-gorge personnalisé est fabriqué par des couturières de votre communauté locale, vous pouvez donc vous sentir bien de contribuer à votre économie locale.

Meet the founders, Bryn & Jess

We created DOUBL to provide women with a hassle-free, cost-effective solution to getting a bra that fits. We bring bras into the 21st century for the modern woman.

Our Story

"I can't believe I used to use measuring tapes and strangers to find a "bra size". It was like the internet didn't exist!"

— Future You

"Getting a bra that fits just right has never been easier. With online custom sizing, it's like having a personal bra fitting expert. Say goodbye to bra hassles and hello to ultimate comfort!"

— Future You

"I can't believe how easy it is now to get the perfect bra fit with online custom sizing. No more discomfort or guessing games – it's a game-changer!"

— Future You


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